Listen Dis: RC – The Only Way

RC-The-Only-Way picRC Aka Righteous Child just released his new track called “The Only Way”.

From day to day we pass our youths in the streets, due to lock of employment in our society. Many of these minds are brilliant and only waiting on a chance to make something of themselves. After the training of the minds through primary and tertiary Government educational system these young men and women are left to fend for jobs that are not there. This is where frustration becomes a bother for many who the system did not train to think for themselves, but to be a mere first rank officer that would take order from his commanding officer.

My advice to you is simply this, be creative, be spontaneous, be a warrior who see’s opportunity where there are none, be a leader for those who are lost, be a role model that makes a difference.

Education is important but for those who weren’t cut out to be the traditional lawyer, teacher, doctor etc. find your talent and use it to empower yourself and individuals around you. Read only books that make sense like Marcus Garvey instructed. Learn the ways of the streets while you still can, find a farming community and get your hands dirty, be an achiever.

If you really want a change then you have to make a way for yourself. No one will come handing you anything. You have to be willing to sacrifice your time, sweat and muscle to accomplish your goals.

From one young mind to another, stop being dependent on others and never say you can’t. If others can make something of themselves, why should you think less of yourself. Remember self motivation, determination and self reliance are the keys to success.

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