Christopher – born 9th December 1987 and raised in Kingston Jamaica is a highly ambitious young artist in the making with a plentiful portfolio; he has worked alongside some top producers throughout his career and he aims to uplift all lovers of reggae music with his true to life conscious lyrics which demonstrates a combination of his life and others in Jamaica. With such clear clean and beautifully pleasing music to the earshot of the masses there is more to Damas than we know – In his own words, ”THERE ARE NO LIMITS” to what Damas can do.

Growing up in Jamaica surrounded by so much musical influences in particular from his own father who is the founder member of Emperor Sound System whom was a major forerunner established in the 1960’s is it any wonder why Damas has the strong urge to continue down the music route but with the new era of cultural roots reggae such as I-Octane and Bugle Damas has been deemed to set heights in the same calibre. Let’s not be mistaken as Damas is true to his own words insight and sweet musical flavour as he has created and produced a vast amount of music for other artists and has created produced and released his own music and his versatility in rhythm and lyrics shines through relentlessly. The road for Damas has been a productive and encouraging journey as he went on to achieve more musical enhancement and had the honour of working with Sly and Robbie, Bulbie and Mos House Productions and not long after he created his own record label, ‘Da Musiq 876’ with members Jahnoi Nunez and John-Michael Levy which in turn lead to Damas debut single, ‘The Suffering’. He then performed and came first place at the Digi Idol competition back in 2007 thereafter he performed at ‘Rebel Salute in the same year, followed by West Kingston Jamboree from 2006 to 2009, Champions in Action 2006 -2008, Cocoa Teas Reggae Jam 2006 – 2008, Reggae in the Hills 2005 – 2009 and more recently Jamnesia in 2010. To add to this extraordinary talented young man’s musical accolade he joined forces with Born Free Records and a UK based record label, ‘Suncycle productions’.

It clearly shows that his ambition to climb and reach his ultimate aim in life which is to share his intertwined passion for life, love, and music with the world is so positive that up and onwards is the only way for DAMAS to progress in this industry and he is already known widely across Europe. With local success from winning the Digi Idol competition he caught the attention of the Caribbean media which lead Damas to produce and write songs for Digicel commercials that are heard across the Caribbean airwaves. Above all else the faith Damas has is ever-strong and RASTAFARI lives in and through him daily which he expresses in such songs as, ‘Rasta Love’. With faith and his music in-hand Damas is a strong believer in giving and helping those in need and whilst he continues to live the struggle himself and awaits his chance of musical success; he has become an active participant for a variety of charities in Jamaica such as the ‘Southerners Youth Club’ in Kingston and other local community initiatives. There are truly no limits to the creativity of Damas who is the founder/creator/producer of ‘Road of Life’ rhythm the collaborative album which comprises of such artistes as I Octane’s, Fyakin, Hyah Slyce, High Flames and more. This is a man with such talent and music skill both in his voice, style and production.

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  1. Keep going ma hommie

    mc dementor / Reply
  2. love your music!! We need more positive music like yours!! Biggest fan!

    jessica / Reply
  3. Crushing Hate badmind grudge and corruption this has conquered the hearts of evil demonic forces..Rasta love is the cure!Universal RastaLove..Jah is LOve!

    RastapicneyBabyLion / Reply
  4. Blessed love continue elivavte the world I love universal love big tune one love.

    shernette johnson / Reply

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