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Biography Droop Lion

Born and christened ANDREW A. BROWN on the 15th of September in Annotto Bay in the parish St.Mary. The talented Mr. Brown grew up to love and appreciate music. As a youngster Andrew enjoyed a life of ups and down. Growing up life wasn’t really hard, but it was challenging.

In the early years DROOP—was influence by the strides that artiste such as Shabba ranks had made in the business. DROOP—wanted to be a part of this talented and persistent little few. He began writing and rehearsing his music … his family and close friends encourages him ….

Patterning what he thought at the time was his own style, however. Since 2006 and beyond, his perseverance and determination Droop is hinting at making the real impact he should have made earlier in his career . His released track on the XTRA LARGE FAMILY music group record labels are too numerous to mention but a few such as “Moving on”, “Things could be better”, “Just stop”, “bad mind”, “None a them”, “War”, “ Possible”, Lord please lengthen my days”, Give girls” etc.

Many more to mention with his new production team called CHINEY-K-PRODUCTIONS such as “Stand firm”, “Worky worky”,”Gun powder” “Bun them out”, “open doors”, “Pagans”, “Dons” “Mama soon come” just to mention a few. Being with CHINEY-K-PRODUCTIONS has made Droop voice heard not only in Jamaica but across the world. This team has come to see the realization of his talent will be appreciated and loved by many fans…The old the new and the indifferent.

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