Fada Noah

Fada Noah biography

As they say, nothing happens before time. If you’re not excited about refreshing reggae music you should infact be about Fadah Noah. Hailing from Jamaica, London based reggae artiste Fada Noah vowed to produce abundance of quality music on a global platform this time around. Although he is not new on the music scene, he deems to bring high energy, soulful reggae music and an excellent management team to ensure it happens.

In the realm of his latest reggae singles Fada Noah worked with producers such as the late Texpress along with Fadah Noah Music and Blue Rain Entertainment. He is defiantly a man of many moods, which was expressed in his two singles: Reggae inna jeggae and My kind of girl. These songs are real catchy and it is said to be a promising success base on the global responses -these songs also have brilliant videos to compliment them. In addition, he has an upcoming single called Jamaica, a song that highlights the island and its rich culture.

Already, Fadah Noah has earned a hugely enthusiastic response from live audiences in Portugal, the Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Denmark and Italy to name a few. His mission is to, entertain and inspire all who listens to his music. As 2014 continues, his fans can look forward to Fadah Noah to complete his album and will be doing promotions tours in Jamaica, Africa, Europe and London.

Fada Noah is ready to break barriers.


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