Jo Mersa Marley

JO MERSA is the second generation offspring of reggae legend, Bob Marley and eldest son of Stephen Marley. In the same tradition as his father and grandfather, Jo Mersa’s music has been deeply influenced by the reggae culture, family and spirituality.

Growing up as a youth in an atmosphere filled with conscious musicians, Mersa naturally began exploring his own musical journey. During his impressionable years, the musical youth would observe his father and uncles Damian Marley and Julian Marley produce music at the Lion’s Den studio in Miami, FL – which was the catalyst to Mersa becoming an accomplished, self-taught musician and his learning the craft of how to build his own beats and riddims.

In 2010, Ghetto Youths international released Joe Mersa’s first single entitled, ‘My Girl’, a cross-over reggae / pop collaboration between Mersa and his cousin Daniel Bambaata Marley, which was produced at the Lion’s Den in Miami, FL by Stephen Marley.

In 2011, Ghetto Youths released Jo Mersa’s second single, ‘Bad So’. The dancehall track hit international air-waves to heavy acclaim, and finds the once fledgling artist rising to the top of the radio charts in major markets, including London, Jamaica, New York City, Boston and Miami.

The inspiration of Jo Mersa’s lineage has harnessed his organic, creative energy, and affirms his natural passion for creating music and performing on stage. But regardless of heritage, Jo Mersa has forged his own identity, with a style that ranges in a variety of categories, including roots reggae, pop, dancehall and hip-hop.

In 2012, Jo Mersa can be found on a world-wide tour with his father Stephen Marley, and fans can anticipate a video release for his single, ‘Bad So’. Mersa notes, “I feel Blessed to have the opportunity to spread the messages of my grandfather, and through my own musical visions hope to continue on with my father’s musical legacy.”

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Jo Mersa Marley live at Paradiso, Amsterdam(NL)

Jo Mersa Marley his first single

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