Lady Saw

Marion “Lady Saw” Hall, born 12th of July in Saint Mary, Jamaica, is known primarily as gThe Queen of the Dancehall”. She is the first female deejay to win a Grammy Award and to be certified a triple-platinum artist. She is also the first woman to headline dancehall shows outside her native Jamaica. Marion was born in the summer of 1972 in Galina, parish of Saint Mary…

At the age of 15, she took the name Lady Saw after the famous Jamaican Deejay Tenor Saw, whose style she is said to emulate. She quit a sewing job at The Free Zone on the outskirts of Kingston to pursue music full time. Similar to other Jamaican artists, Lady Saw started her career on local sound systems. Lady Saw is an artist with the abilities to deliver the goods and did so from day one till present! She is, and has for the last 15   years been the number one femaledancehall star.

Following her release from VP Records, Marion formed her own independent label called, Divas Records! Now in a partner-ship with Toasting Music, she will released her newest album entitled, ‘My Way’ on September 7, 2010.  Addition-ally, Saw is currently working on a project featuring works from her alter ego ‘Marion Hall’ which will be released in 2011.  Look out for both of these projects because the Queen is back and she means business! Saw is mother to three adopted children, two sons and one daughter and her favorite activities include cooking, gardening, and taking care of her children.

Lady Saw’s first success began at the beginning of the 1990s. While lyrics about guns and masculine themes dominated the dancehall?s of West Kingston, she sang sexually explicit lyrics, known as “slackness”,from her perspective as a female. At that time, she also became known for her raucous stage shows, which usually included picking men from the audience. Lady Saw has also collaborated with her male and female peers on several tracks: with Beenie Man on tracks such as “Healing”; with Sean Paul on “Bossman”; with her protogé Dancehall vocalist Ce’Cile on “Loser”. She has also worked with artists outside of the dancehall genre: Missy Elliott, Eve (rapper), Lil’ Kim, Vitamin C, Gwen Stefani, and Foxy Brown. To date Lady Saw has sold over 6 Million records worldwide and was the 1st female reggae artist to receive a Grammy!  Her music has been placed in movies, on TV and used advertisements to sell products like Hersey’s and Tide.


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