Once or twice in a lifetime a young singer comes around who reminds you of one of your favourite singers, but at the same time capture your heart and warms your soul. Meet Natel, the newest kid on the block a young man blessed with a sweet voice warm and engaging personality and a great imagination. Natel caught the ears and eyes of legendary song writer and producer Mikie Bennett of the Grafton studio music group and was immediately brought into their camp.

Born Natheniel Hewitt, son of guitarist Corell Hewitt, this young man seems to have been groomed for stardom at a very early age. His musical talent and ability to sing harmonies has made him an instant hit at Grafton with a waiting list of artist and producers wanting a piece of him. His early recordings have show great promise and under the guidance of Mikie Bennett and the team organizers around him the public is out for a wonderful treat. His interpretation of the classic “Little green apples” made popular by late Dennis Brown, shows range and maturity beyond his years. His musical seduction on Cherine Anderson on the track “You turn me on” is just plain sexy. Expect to be wowed in the coming months as this new and upcoming superstar makes his mark on our musical scene.

In recent weeks Mr Vegas has included Natel in his musical entourage where he is gaining invaluable experience on stage as he is called on to match vocals and stage craft with one of the most dynamic performers of this decade. There has been a significant increase in his fan appeal as can be seen from the numerous invitations to appear on various functions and for collaborations with more established artists. Natel has not only held his own but has shone on projects including Chevel Franklyn, Ghost, Nicky B, Alaine, Mr Vegas, Bunny Ruggs to name a few.

Over the past few months he has recorded for top producers including, Don Corleon, Frass, TJ of TJ records,Jeremy Harding and Dean Frazer all who have given his talents and work ethics rave reviews.
Expect to be wowed in the coming months as this new and upcoming superstar makes his mark on our musical scene.

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