Ricardo Fraser (born April 7,1988), better known by his stage name Navino. Ricardo was born in Enfield St.Mary, Jamaica where he spent fourteen years of his life, he then moved to Spanish town along with his mother and siblings. After his move to Spanish Town he was enrolled into Spanish Town High School, after graduating he then picked up a trade in construction to keep himself positively occupied and to provide for himself and family.

Ricardo is the fourth of seven children, he is now a proud father of Jahvoy Fraser his first and only born. At age fourteen Ricardo discovered his passion for music and decided on a career as a Sing J. Looking up to artiste such as Spragga Benz whom inspired him to do great things. He would write songs and sing them to his friends while chilling just to keep his spirit alive.

While trying to pursue his dream he was faced with obstacles but he stayed strong and motivated knowing that one day his hard work and dedication would pay off greatly. In 2009 he was introduced to the recording artiste Aidonia whom opened up doors for him and stared him in the right direction.

In 2011 Ricardo had a hit single on the overproof rhythm “Chilling Time” produced by Justus and Roach JA production. After his single great opportunity started to come his way, he started voicing for more producer and started to get more air play.

Earlier in the year Navino left the Aidonia led JOP camp and signed with the creators of the mega hit overproof riddim, JA productions.

Ricardo understands what it means to be humble, and he acquire all the necessary tools that are required to make his future very bright, he’s on the right path to success.



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