Punky Donch

It all started one day in a small bar in Amsterdam where weekly jam-sessions were organized and a couple of musically talented guys, who had never met before, got together to jam.  The chemistry between them was incredible and they started to play every weekend.  More and more people came to see them perform and the sessions turned into regular live shows.  But it wasn’t until one cold winter night, after another jam-packed live performance at the bar, that they realized people were in need of their warm Reggae music and decided to form Punky Donch.

As inexplicable as their name, is their style: a mix of Roots/Reggae with some Caribbean flavor,  Hip Hop and a pinch of Rock.

What they have in common is their Antillean heritage, but what makes them unique is this combination of  talented individuals with different upbringings and musical backgrounds.  The blend of their diversity in style and similarity in culture creates the incomparable Punky Donch sound.

Since the formation of the band in 2008, Punky Donch have released their debut album ‘Gangsta Reggae’ that features songs in both, Papiamentu and English.  The singles ‘Sensimilla’ and ‘Mi Kier Bo Awe’ worked their way through the networks of fans and supporters and hit the charts in the Antilles in 2009.

That same year, Punky Donch won the European Reggae Contest as ‘Best Reggae/Roots Band Benelux’ and played at Europe’s biggest Reggae festival, the Rototom Sunsplash.  After their performance at the Amsterdam Reggae festival, some critics described Punky Donch as ‘one of the revelations’ of the festival and the ‘Surprise of the Night’.   Since then, they have been touring the Netherlands and the Antilles and are currently working on their highly anticipated new album which will be released end of this year and hopefully allow them to take the leap onto the international Reggae stage in 2012.


  • Awa Ras LeadVocals
  • Nando Guitar
  • SVR Bass
  • Marc Keys
  • Tarek Drums
  • Scrubs Percussion
  • Aschwin Keys
  • Choko DJ
  • Chellyman Vocals
  • DonDotchy Mc/Vocals

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