Rekesh Dukaloo

Rekesh is a 27 year old allround MUSICIAN, PRODUCER and VOCALIST. At the young age of 7 his interest for music became the most important thing in his life. First he learned to play drums at the SKVR. While studying he played and sang in semi-professional bands. In the year 1998 he won the biggest INDIAN SONGFESTIVAL in Holland. After this he performed in a couple of great shows with famous Indian artists like: Kumar Sanu, Sonu Nigam, Ashok Khar.

In the year 2000 he followed the study Indian Classical singing at the CONSERVATORIUM in Rotterdam. In 2002 Rekesh played in several bands with different music styles like; Latin, Reggae, Pop and many more. In this year he went on a solo tour with his band in Surinam and the Netherlands. In 2003 Rekesh made his first SOLOALBUM named ‘Me 4 You’ and he produced a couple of songs with various artist. He developed more and more experience with recording live arrangements. The main instrument he played is the PIANO but he also plays DRUMS and BASS After this period he played as a freelance musician in different kind of bands. Most of the time you could find him in the studio, recording or producing a new track. In 2006 Rekesh began a study in Rotterdam called musician/ producer at the Albeda College.

For almost 5 years Rekesh plays with, the number 1 Reggae/Dancehall artist in Europe, ZIGGI and the RENAISSANCEBAND. Last year they toured arround the world and gave some big concerts in AFRICA, the CARIBBEAN and EUROPE. Rekesh is the musical director of the Renaissanceband. They’ve accompanied a lot of international Reggae artists in the Netherlands.  At the moment he is very busy with his own recordlabel ‘R.D. MUSIQ’. More info about the label at “Music”.

Coming soon, his new Album “R.D. MUSIQ meets REGGAE” with Ziggi, Joggo, Mr. Patze, K-oss, Ashwin Jaydee and many more…….

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