Just when you thought it was safe for the kids! Along comes Stacious spitting lyrics like rounds from an AK 47. This DJ has all the ingredients for success in this primarily male dominated genre and judging from her idols (Lady Saw and Bounty Killa) you get the impression right away what She is all about. A poignant mixture of some of the best qualities that they both offer. Stacious has been much sought after by producers locally and abroad and is currently managed by DocMac entertainment. She has been getting heavy rotation on radio since the release of her debut single “Thug Gal’ and more popular single “Gangsta Big Up”, made well known by it’s connection with “Passa Passa”.

The most recent singles “Falling down” and “Goodas Clap” are ripping up the airwaves and climbing up the charts.Being named the EME’s 2008/2009 best new female DJ proves she is not just talk. Her catalogue is growing rapidly with songs such as; Tired, Good life, It’s over and the Hit ‘Come into my Room with Mavado. This is just the begining, there is definately more and even hotter that is yet to come. By all accounts Stacious will be around for a long time and can and will stand up to any lyrical competition from her male/female counterparts. With her credits to date, her sheer talent, tenacity and personality the “Gangstress” is most certainly “READY FI DEM”.

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