Beenie Man Calls Bounty Killer “A Ugly Kid”, Not Contributing To The Music [Video]

Dancehall star Beenie Man has stepped forward to address his reasons for not clashing with Bounty Killer at the recently held Sting show.

During an interview with Anthony Miller of ER, Beenie Man said he opt to performing in St. Kitts instead of Sting because he felt disrespected by promoter Laing. The Doc also have some harsh words for his rival Bounty Killer.

“Mi gi weh di date… mi and Bounty Killer did plan fi clash at Sting, it’s not about no waan buck up pon Bounty Killer, who fraid a Bounty Killer,” Beenie Man said in Jamaican patois.

“Bounty Killer is a ugly kid yeah, but yo get use to him looks after yo start look pon him after a while, mi cyan fraid a Killer,” Beenie Man added.

Beenie Man also said Bounty Killer is not contributing to dancehall music since he has not been touring for a long time.

Peep footage of the interview below.


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