Cops are destroying Mavado’s image?

Singjay Mavado feels that police’s action of detaining him on Wednesday has severely affected his attempt for several months to clean up his image.

Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks, and deejay Vybz Kartel were released by the police yesterday afternoon after spending a night in jail. Both men had turned themselves in at the Constant Spring Police Station on Wednesday, after being identified as persons of interest through a release from the Constabulary Communication Network.

On Tuesday night upon hearing the news that he was listed as a person of interest, Mavado had claimed that he was being targeted by a specific police officer.

Speaking to THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday, hours after his release, Mavado said that he believes it’s unfair that he was listed as a person of interest. The artist said that upon going to the station he was questioned by a number of police officers and was later placed in the same jail cell as Kartel.

positive approach

He said, “afta me go in dere and talk to di police, di police don’t want me fi nutting. Wha me do? Me nuh do nutten or else dem wouldn’t let me out and tell me fi gwaan home. Yuh can definitely see that is a fight dem a try fight Mavado and try dutty up Mavado name. Me a try hold it fi di last one year, me a try do my best wha me can do to keep outta problem and di bagga tings people have to sey.”

In recent times the singjay has taken a notably positive approach to his music. In the beginning of his career he coined himself as a ‘gangsta fi life’ but now has started to sing more socially conscious songs such as Change Right Now, Messiah, Nine Life and more. He has also been behind recent peace initiatives in his community of Cassava Piece and the building of a library and community centre there.

Mavado added, “Me always jus a try do good, me as David Brooks even when we get fight, we still a get stronger and know sey we haffi do good, we haffi do betta. Cause at di end of the day we nah go mek the fans lose offa we, and di people lose offa we. The whole Jamaica suppose to know that David Brooks is a law biding citizen, cause if I wasn’t I’d be in jail, you’d hear ma name a call up on a bagga tings. Nobody don’t hear my name call pon nutten.”

For the artist, he says he and his management and legal team are considering taking legal action against the police in an effort to prevent further discrediting of his name. According to Mavado, taking legal action is something he had also discussed with Kartel as he said, “me and Vybz Kartel already talk about it. Me tell Vybz Kartel wha me ago do, and mi feel like a di same way him a think cause this definitely not good.”

For the singer, however, it’s back to business as usual as he was on his way to the studio. He says fans can look out for songs with him from producer Stephen McGregor, a collaboration with Chase Cross and a remix of a Future Fambo song.


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