Update: Alliance Camp: “Beenie Man Running From Sting Clash With Bounty Killer”

The Alliance PR and Marketing Group (APMG) has stepped forward to dismissed claims by Beenie Man that Isiah Laing is using the deejay to get him to clash at this year’s Sting show.

“Killer bow too much, look how easy him mek Laing bring him in an a use him fi bring mi in,” Beenie Man said in a recent statement.

In a press release sent to media, the APM group says Beenie Man was actually running from a potential ‘lyrical showdown’ with Bounty at Sting on Boxing day.

Last month Beenie Man harshly criticised Isiah Laing for a statement that the Doc said is disrespectful to veteran artists in dancehall.

“How Isaiah go pon TV an mek dem speech deh seh wi a old artistes an caan do nothing fi him show? Him no respect the dancehall veterans who help to build di industry in no way. Every year, him attempt fi disrespect wi in some way and mi not doing Sting this year unless Laing come an explain to mi what him mean by “old artistes”. If Bounty wah a clash, him affi at some other show,” said Beenie Man.

Laing shot back, accusing Beenie Man of making an issue out of nothing to hide from a clash with the Alliance general.

APMG also questioned Beenie Man motive in the their release.

“After hearing this interview, which he claimed to find so degrading, one would have expected that right there and then he would have altered whatever intentions you have about clashing at Sting or with Bounty Killer, yet you continued to do ‘diss’ songs after that knowing well that this would have been a prelude to Sting.”


“We would like to know in what way Mr Laing used Killer to get to you … Or is it you who used Killer to get the necessary spotlight needed. Wasn’t it you who took the bait and replied to Killer’s song where he implied that “If the one Beenie ever call mi name again?”

The group sided with Laing in blasting Beenie Man for using Laing’s interview to take away attention from a clash with Bounty Killer.

“The interview that Mr Laing did was on October 7, 2011. Why did you wait so late to come out and state a problem with it when it (Laing’s interview on Entertainment Report) was done over seven weeks ago?”


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