Reggae Geel 2024, An updated 2-day Cultural Explosion!

Reggae Geel is a renowned reggae music festival held annually in Geel, Belgium. Established in 1978, the festival is one of Europe’s oldest reggae festivals and is typically held on the first weekend of August. The festival is celebrated for its authentic and relaxed atmosphere, attracting reggae enthusiasts from around the globe.

Reggae Geel spans two days and features a diverse lineup of reggae artists, including live bands, sound systems, and DJs. The event takes place in the ‘Belse Bossen,’ or “de Bossen van Bel’ a ‘foresty’ area that adds to the festival’s unique ambiance. Over the years, Reggae Geel has hosted probably most reggae and dancehall artists, with the biggest names like Supercat, Shabba Ranks, Marcia Griffiths, Max Romeo, Burning Spear, The Marley Brothers etc, the list has gotten way too long in the past 46 years.

In addition to the music, Reggae Geel emphasizes a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices and fair trade, ensuring a positive impact on the community and environment. The festival also offers various stages catering to different reggae sub-genres, such as the Gold Stage, Yagga Yagga, the Bounce Dancehall, and the enchanting Dub Forest​ (which has hosted the biggest sounds and sound men throughout the years).

The festival has always had its special intimate vibe breathing a sense of freedom and relaxation that some bigger festivals lack. As a result, the festival has many loyal visitors. Despite its growth and evolution over the years, Reggae Geel has maintained its unique identity, providing an authentic reggae experience for its visitors.

After the 2023 edition, the founder of Reggae Geel (Kris Eelen) stepped down, leading to a youthful rejuvenation within the organization. This change brought a new head organizer (Toon Verbeeck), a new Board of Directors, and an updated vision for the festival’s future. The 2024 edition will reflect these changes with two full days of events, starting at noon on Friday with a complete lineup on the Gold stage and the multiple other stages as mentioned earlier.

The festival will maintain its core of Reggae, Dub, and Dancehall while continuing to incorporate influences from related genres. Enhancements included an upgraded free pre-party, plus uniquely themed stages, and a more vibrant and interactive festival ground. This will create an enriched cultural experience with side acts and entertainment throughout the venue, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

This year the lineup will be graced by a.o. YG Marley, Luciano, Stonebwoy, Jah-Lil, Skilli-Beng, Duane Stephenson, Bobby Konders, Kibir La Amlak, Christopher Ellis, Omar Perry, and even ‘many more’ will be there!

For more information about the lineup, tickets, and practical details, you can visit the official Reggae Geel website here.