Report: Stephen Marley live @ Festival Mundial 2012, Tilburg (NL) (June 17, 2012)

Photos by Jop Langenhoff

Stephen Marley is on his European tour promoting the love and unity that we as mankind should show to eachother troughout the music and the message inside of it. The 17th of June he was back in Holland for a performance on the Mundial Festival.

After his legendary performance on the 17th of May, we wondered if this was a once in a lifetime concert or that he could do it again keeping in mind that a festival has a different audience with different interests. With that in mind he proved us wrong. You could see the audience unite, yes even sing along. The wonderful band performed so great that you could see everyone been taken on a cloud of music and let the music guide them troughout his performance.

Although Bob Marley passed away, everyone still knows the lyrics of songs like Buffalo Soldier. When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE singing the song together in perfect harmony. Take a look at one of the video’s we have shot that day and continue to our Youtube Account.

Check a few highlights of the show

Interview by Ras Mikeyy

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