Exclusive interview: Jah Cure is in good health and ready for the release of his “Undeniable” Album

It is February 2023 already, almost 1,5 years have passed since the incident at the Dam Square in Amsterdam. Every now and then a snippet of news about the situation of Singer Jah Cure comes out of the penitentiary Ter Apel in the Netherlands. Recently, on January 24, a judge decided that the singer will continue serving his six-year prison sentence in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the news surfaced that Jah Cure alongside VP Records will release his 9th Studio Album ‘Undeniable” on February 17, 2023.

I am are grateful for the fact that I could get a hold of the “Longing For” singer and be able to ask him about his current situation in the Netherlands and his upcoming album. Obviously, it is understandable that during the ongoing investigations, Jah Cure couldn’t always fully answer my questions. Accordingly, I am thankful for the answers he did give in his current ‘shituation’. When asked about his health, the singer answered that he was in good shape and he even, now and then performed for his fellow inmates to keep his spirits up.

Danny: Blessings.

First of all, I hope you are well and in good condition and health, concerning your current situation.
I am glad we can have a short reasoning about one of the lights in your current darkness, your new album “Undeniable” which will be released on February 17th with VP Records.

Jah Cure: God is good, my brother. Health and strength are good. Thank you.

D: Thank you for holding a reasoning about your new album Undeniable, but firstly, I can not go around your current situation. Is there anything you can or want to say to your fans about this whole situation you are in right now and how you got there? Was it inevitable?

JC: I would like to apologize to all my fans all over the world for the situation that I put myself in and also them, ’cause I know they are hurting too.

D: What keeps you busy now on a daily basis now? Are you writing songs?

JC: Music keeps me busy. I am always writing. Day and night.

D: What do you think of the fact that, in situations like this, there is always only one side of the story being highlighted by the media? The Hype side, I like to call it. I understand you probably won’t be able to speak openly now, but is there something you can say to explain your side of the story?

JC: My side of the story will be my next album project.

D: Ok, let’s get to your new amazing project… Undeniable. The obvious question of course here is: Why did you choose this title?

JC: The reason why I choose this title for this album… Because I know this album will be undeniable, so I wanna give them something they can’t deny.

D: You recorded the album with Swedish producer Hamed ”K-One” Pirouzpanah, can you tell us something about that collaboration?

Jah Cure at Rebel Salute 2014

D: It’s the first time you work solely with one producer right? Did you stay a while in Sweden for it?

JC: Well, I met K-one in Stockholm, Sweden in 2019. We hooked up in the studio and I realized he has great talent, so I invited him to Jamaica to my studio and he spent almost one year with us together making the album. And yes, this is the first time I produced an album with one producer.

D: The album opens with the Title song, alongside Kaylan Arnold. Can you please tell us something about that amazing combination and why you chose Kalyan for this collaboration? This track is one of my favorites on the album.

JC: Thank you, Danny. Kaylan has been a fan of my music for many years. She reached out to me some time ago, ’cause she wanted some support with her music. Then I realized that she is very talented. So we ended up working on a song and that song made it to the album list.

D:Undeniable‘ is the first of 11 tracks on the album that all share a similar subject. Love! But in most of the songs, you, or the main character did something wrong in a good relationship. The question for me rises, are these songs autobiographic? I mean you have been through similar situations in current years.

JC: It’s not autobiographic. The album was well-planned and I decided this time I wanted to make an album with just songs about relationships.

D: On the song “Everything” you collaborated with Ghana’s Superstar Stonebwoy. What made you decide to collaborate with him and when was this song recorded?

JC: Me and Stonebwoy are brothers. He comes to Jamaica all the time. We worked together on a few projects in my studio. My team and my label liked the song, so it was added to the album list.

D: You just told me it was well-planned to make a full album dedicated to love and the hardships of relationships? On your other albums, the subjects were more diverse. Will we hear that again on the next album?

JC: Yes, it was intentional to make the album like this. About all different kinds of relationships. The next album will have different topics and that’s why my next album project will be the other half of my current story.

Jah Cure at Kwaku Summer Festival 2015

D: On ‘Good Life‘ You describe your view on a good life with a partner. Can you elaborate on that a bit more? What is the \Good Life’ for you and what do you miss most while you are here in the Netherlands?)

JC: What I miss in The Netherlands the most is giving a good show. I like performing here. The good life for me is ‘Eat good, drink good, live good, enjoy the island sun, and have fun’.

D: One of my other favorite songs is ‘One more Time‘ especially for the hook “We had it, we lost it, let’s find it once more. We had it, we lost it, don’t let this go…” Can you tell us a bit more about that song and how it came about?

JC: Well, all over the world relationships go up and down and sometimes fall apart. This song was inspired by the natural reality of relationships.

D: What is your favorite track on the album and why?

JC: I have many favorites and it’s hard to choose one, but if I have to choose it it is ‘Think about it‘, because I just love that song and I don’t know why. LOL

D: Finally, The last track I would like to focus on is another track that caught my attention: ‘Beautiful‘, a track about, seemingly the insecurities of women. What made you pick this angle for a song?

JC: Many women across the world are facing a high level of insecurity right now. This song is to let them know that they are beautiful just the way God made them.

D: People always say that from hardship and tough experiences comes good music. Despite the whole experience you are having now, being here In the Netherlands, does that give you inspiration again like for example, on the ‘True Reflections” Album? Does it give you new insights and reflections about yourself?

JC: Every moment in life is a learning process for every human being. Nothing good comes easy and when the smoke clears we will see.

D: On the positive side, Now that you reside in the Netherlands, is there a possibility that after a few years, we can do this Interview in Dutch? 😂

JC: Everything is a possibility in this time. LOL

D: Lastly, I would like to thank you humbly for this exclusive interview. Thank you for being willing to speak to me. Is there anything you want to add that I didn’t ask yet or that needs to be off your chest?

JC: Well, words are most powerful. Choose your words wisely and it will be more profitable for the longevity of our lives.

D: Please take care of yourself. Let’s hope for the best outcome, a singing bird doesn’t belong in a cage.

JC: Yes, a bird is a symbol of freedom. The bird will fly again free. One love, Jah bless

By Danny – World A Reggae

Undeniable will is out now on all platforms, on the VP Records Label.