Marcia Griffiths talks​ about new “Timeless” Album and more

One of the foremost singers of Reggae music, Empress Marcia Griffiths, is continuing to break new ground. Her new album, which is appropriately titled Timeless, is a selection of 15 songs that pay tribute to the endurance of the Studio One label catalog which boasts the most solid collection of foundation songs in the historic art forms of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae music.

Marcia has had the incredibly good fortune of spending her formative years at Studio One, the record stable that shaped the career of other top-ranking artists such as Bob Marley and Bob Andy.

Overlooking the hills surrounding Kingston, World A Reggae’s DJ 745 had the honour to have a deep Reggae History Reasoning with the Queen of Reggae Music, Marcia Griffiths about 55 years in the music industry, her groundbreaking works at Studio One and Harry J’s, working closely with Bob Andy, Bob Marley, and the I-Threes, as well as her new album ‘Timeless’ that will be released friday June 14, 2019. Interview recorded March 18, 2019