Lion Trod meets Freedom Fighters – I- Dread Inna Babylon

On April 21, 2016 Lion Trod released his newest collaboration with Selectors from Malta called ‘Freedom Fighters’. The Mixtape is called “Freedom Fighters Alongside Lion Trod Presents: “I- Dread Inna Babylon”

Who are the Freedom Fighters?
The passion for reggae had been building for a long time, and three years ago we started on our little island of Malta… always guided by the most high, and good intention of delivering the message, we started slowly hosting our own parties, event after event, more and more people started to attend and that just fuelled us more to keep doing what we where doing, There is just something amazingly satisfying and beautiful seeing people enjoying the good vibes, dancing to the music, transporting themselves to another dimension of positiveness and oneness, after all that’s the message behind reggae.

“For us it’s not such music, it’s a way of living. Delivering the message of peace, love, equal rights and justice is the mission. That is in fact how the name “Freedom Fighters” came up, when you look around you see so much injustices, and hate either because of different religions, cultures, or ethnicity, it makes you feel that everyone that can do something and make a difference (no matter how small it is) should do it. The evolution of consciousness, it’s the only way forward!”