Shacia Päyne Marley – i. päyneless – AFROHOUSE Mix

The third generation Marley’s are doing their thing in the music business. This also counts for a new rising star, Shacia Päyne Marley, Daughter of Stephen Marley. She found her way in playing and mixing music.

When Shacia touches the dance, you can feel her regal essence before you even find out about her bloodline. As a curator, Shacia has established fresh, new club-bound institutions that not only champion Jamaican music and culture, but also uplift a sisterhood in music that does the diaspora justice. As a DJ, she’s the go-to artist if you want a loud, deep and sexy selection of dancehall that takes you from resurrecting your butterfly dance move to droppin into full genna bounce. Come get your dosage of Shacia Päyne Marley.

“This new mixtape I made was something new for me. I’d go hear my good friend Blaq Pages (from Ghana) play deep Afro House and he’d always put me into this trance. I’ve never been to Africa, but believe me I’ve been there many times with my eyes closed dancing. It became a sound I loved and maybe a year or so later I made this Afro House mixtape. This is the first mixtape from my PÄYNELESS VOLUMES which will include the many sounds I connect with. I’ll release another one in a different genre in the next few months!”