Photos: Don Carlos & Dub Vision live at Harlows, Sacramento CA

By Eye Ree

It was a packed house at Harlows nightclub in Sacramento, California. All were here to see Uncle Don, as he’s affectionately known, along with local selector Squarefield Massive. This time Don Carlos was back together with the members of Dub Vision, the California based group he’s played with for many years now. And a good thing too because they are always clean and tight. Clearly the result of playing together for so long. Drum and bass provided by Sandrum and Shasta Kersh. Horn section consisting of Gavin (trumpet) and Garrett (sax). Keys being Hodges…and guitsy (guitar) Nightsun.

Tonight they were on their game churning out hit after hit of Don’s long catalog… Hog and Goat, Johnny Big Mouth, Natty Dread Have Him Credential…you get the idea. For those that don’t know, they don’t really play a setlist. It is mostly just requests. And we would’ve gone all night if the club let us. Everybody shouting their favorites out. Don always anxious to take care of everyone fitting them in. It’s obvious the love goes both ways with Don. This time around they also included two that have come to be to be my favorites to see live…Favorite Cup and a cover of the Abyssinians classic Satta Massagana. So good! Here are some highlights from that night…

Photos by Eye Ree for

Don Carlos Live Harlows, Sacramento CA

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