LionFace Radio: 8th of February 2012

This week we had the native surinam reggae singer Fullanny as a guest in the studio. We spoke with him about the contest he is in, benelux reggae contest and much more! Also he performed 2 live songs for us! Find his personal info and info about the Reggae contest below on the page. Also we have had an Skype interview with Chantelle Ernandez, so listen back and download the show!


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Groundation – We Na Forget

Jacob Miller – I’m a Rastaman

Max Romeo & The Upsetter – Fire fe the Vatican

Bob Marley – Africa Unite

Ijahman Levi – I who have nothing

Peter Tosh – Mama Africa

Dezarie – Poverty

FullAnny – Haffi Be A Winner

Le Prince – Good Love

Fyah Nahki & Rass Ijah – Klean & Pure

Skype Interview Chantelle Ernandez

Chantelle Ernandez – Reggae Reasoning (NEW TUNE)

J-mi – Still Standing

Ziggi Revado – Mary

Black Prophet – Righteous Hustler

Joggo & Mr. Patze – Be Done

Oneroot – Keepin’it Real

Gentleman & Rebellion – Intention (NEW TUNE)

Babaman – Bunga Bunga presidente

Interview Fullanny

Live songs: Farmerman, Right Now

Fullanny – Ganja (NEW TUNE)

Capleton – Who dem


Contact info/Social Media Links for Chantelle Ernandez:

Social Media Links to contact Fullanny:

Vote for Fullanny on the website of

and look for the confirmation e-mail that will be send to you (also check your SPAM mail).

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