Bamm Holt releases his first EP “Realize”

The Jamaican-American Artist Bamm Holt, grandson of the past reggae legend John Holt, is ready to present to the World his first recording project: “Realize”, that will be released on December 19th.

“Realize” is a five-track Ep including remakes of John Holt’s biggest hits such as “Police in helicopter” and “Tribal war”,  featuring Bamm’s father Junior Holt.

“Me and my father decided to recreate those two famous songs because of current events. “Tribal War” is still so actual because of current situations with racism, despotic governments, terrorism and the pandemic. I chose “Police in helicopter” because it’s my favorite one but especially for the rights that my grandfather and other Reggae legends fought for after coming to light”Bamm explained.

Bamm Holt defines his musical style “reggae fusion” so the genres on this Ep will be Reggae, HipHop with a dancehall flavor. The main topics in this project are love, pain, self reflection and even feelings of heartbreak.

“The main message for this Ep is right in its own name. We have to realize what’s going on outside. We need to cherish moments with our loved ones and be safe. My goal is also to introduce a new vibe.”- he  added.

The whole Ep is produced by “Voltz of Holtz”, their own family label and charitable foundation dedicated to John Holt himself.

The philantropic initiatives of “Voltz of Holtz” in the last period were finalized to help the weakest people in the society and the most affected families due the Covid-19.

The young Holt said “During those times we were blessed to be able to give back. Through the Voltz of Holtz foundation we were able to join with Suncity Radio a project to give back to poor people of Jamaica. It was an opportunity for them to grab essentials or whatever is needed during this sanitary emergency. Our last venture was our “Back to School Give Away”. And we will continue to make my grandfather’s legacy alive through good actions”.