Buju Banton Still in Transit

Buju Banton is currently in the custody of the United States marshals.

According to the public records provided by the Bureau of Prisons, the reggae entertainer registered as 86700-004 is in transit and his release date is unknown.

Last month, Buju Banton was expected to be transferred to the Adams County Correctional Center in Mississippi after the Bureau of Prisons revealed that there was a shortage of beds at the Florida correctional facility he was expected to serve his 10 year sentence as requested by Judge James Moody.

Buju has since requested to be placed in a facility in South Florida. Our Music News correspondent, Professor and attorney at law David Rowe explains.

Buju Banton was sentenced to ten years in prison for drug related charges stemming from a December 2009 incident in which he allegedly conspired to organize a drug deal in a police controlled warehouse.

Buju will not be allowed to record any new material in prison but has since suggested that he would pursue a Master’s Degree in Economics & Political Science.

Meanwhile an appeals case spearheaded by Buju’s lawyers is still on the cards; to be heard in Georgia

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