Buju Banton’s release date set for February 2019

Buju Banton will have to wait until the final year of this decade to become a free man once more after the United States Bureau of prisons confirmed that his official release date has been set for February 2019.

The official release date quells rumors that have swirled that Buju would originally serve 6 years; counting time already served & good behavior. However, the Bureau’s official release date set for February 2019 includes the time the prominent Reggae entertainer served in prison prior to & between his two trials within the last year.

According to Professor & highly regarded attorney-at-law, David Rowe, explained that Buju Banton will also get credit for 16% of “federal gain time,” that is time that he serves whilst not violating federal rules behind bars. Should he violate the rules, Buju’s sentence may be extended.

Buju Banton was convicted on three drug related charges this past February as a result of a December 2009 incident in which he allegedly conspired to organize a drug deal within a police controlled warehouse. Banton received a ten year sentence for the incident. However, his lawyer, David Markus plans to appeal that ruling in a Georgia courtroom in the near future.


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