UPDATE!! CaliP Released


Cali P has been released.

The management of reggae artiste Cali P has issued a statement regarding the artiste’s arrest on Friday night just minutes before his scheduled performance at a Plug N Play event in New Kingston.
The artiste, whose real name is Pierre Nanon, is known for the top ten single, Hotstepper and the follow-up, No Time. He is already booked for a number of shows over the Christmas season including Sting and GT Taylor’s Xtravaganza. THE STATEMENT IS LOCATED BELOW

We would like to apologize to the hundreds of persons that came out on Friday night to see Cali P perform at the Plug N Play event in New Kingston. Unfortunately, the artiste was taken into custody by Jamaican police on a ganja possession charge after he was searched by the police. He has also been slapped with a possession of stolen property charge. We would like to assure Cali P’s fans that this episode is a misunderstanding set it motion by a series of unfortunate events. A week ago, Cali P purchased the phone from someone not knowing that it had been stolen. A friend of the female who owned the phone found Cali P on the night of the event, and explained the situation to him. Cali P commisserated with the man and they made arrangements to deal with the issue. However, the police had already been contacted and when they arrived, they searched Cali P and found a small quantity of ganja and that led to his subsequent arrest on both charges. First, we would like to apologise to and thank Cali P’s many fans who have been tweeting and contacting us through Facebook in support of the artiste and ask you to bear with us in this difficult time.
We have contacted legal representation and we are working to resolve the situation.

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