David Rodigan Raves About Busy Signal’s new album “Reggae Music Again”

With over thirty years of broadcast experience and legendary clashes worldwide with all the top Jamaican sound systems, David Rodgian is undeniably one of the most respected radio DJs in the British underground music scene, particularly for the dancehall and reggae genre.The UK trendsetter got a sneak peak of Busy Signal’s upcoming release “REGGAE MUSIC AGAIN” and here is what he had to say:

“Having listened intently to the Busy Signal album I can honestly say that this is one of the most impressive REGGAE albums that I have heard in a long time. I have been a die hard fan of this man for many years. His work as a lyricist, commentator and performer are truly exceptional, especially his vocal singing skills, which have been revealed in more recent times “Missing You (Come Over)” being a perfect example.

In fact I sat in my studio with my jaw in the palm of my hand most of the time. I have become so disillusioned by what Jamaica has had to offer in recent times that I was simply overjoyed by what I heard last night and again this morning – a collection of songs, chants and raps in varying styles, speed and tempo and songs of hope, redemption, joy, love and of warning.]

Rodigan predicts that album’s title track “Reggae Music Again” will be one of the biggest songs of the year” and describes songs like “Modern Day Slavery” and “Kingston Town” as modern day masterpieces.

Check out the exclusive mp3 premiere of “Kingston Town” with COMPLEX via BOOMSHOTS:


“Reggae Music Again” is available April 24 through VP Records.


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  1. Am a big fan of Busy Signal. He just gets better with time “like wine”. He’s got an amazing talent. I hope he continues to bring forth such conscious music because it is what the world needs. Can’t wait for the Album… ATTACK!!!

    queen irie / Reply
  2. Busy just gets better with time “like wine”. All I can say is ATTACK!!!

    Silungile / Reply

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