High Grade – Sizzla Kalonji

Reggae-dancehall specialist Sizzla Kalonji has struck again! The Judgement Yard boss recently connected with a fast-rising production team – Pandemic Records – for his now trending single: High Grade (not the song from his 2016 album 876) . Officially released in mid-May, the lively dancehall tune is a nod to herbalists everywhere and a shoutout to Kalonji’s massive female fan base.

Known for his roots music which is usually laced with messages about his Rastafarian faith, Sizzla often gives us a song that would be classified as out of character. High Grade is one such tune. It calls attention to his habitual marijuana use and his overtly strong desire for the softer sex.

High Grade is one of seven tracks featured on the Passion Fruit Riddim, produced and published by Pandemic Records. In an unconventional method, the imprint has decided to release each song individually, as opposed to the full compilation all at once. That said, the track listing and release schedule is as follows: Sizzla and Ras Kronik on May 12th, Little Hero, Desi and Yahdeen Essence on June 30th, and finally, Capleton and Chillum on a date to be determined.