Jah Cure Shoots ‘Look At Me’ Video In Dubai

Reggae star Jah Cure recently wrapped up filming the music video for his single “Look At Me” in the gulf state of Dubai.

Cure, whose real name is Siccature Alcock, was in Dubai for three weeks. The singer told Journalists in Dubai that he had fallen in love with the city.

“Every superstar knows about Dubai. The city is a highlighted place. I came to chill and have a good time. I also thought it would be good to lift some up-and-coming filmmakers and videographers,” Jah Cure told The Nation newspaper.

Cure also expressed an interest in finding investment properties and working with artistes there.

“I’m also looking to cross over to other regions such as India and Pakistan. Here, in Dubai, I want to cross over with some Arab artistes and try to explore other cultures of music to share each other’s fan base,” he was quoted as saying.

“Look At Me” video will be premiered by the end of the month.


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