Jah Lil releases 10-track “Can A Man Cry?’ Album

What a coincidence, or just pure luck, Jah Lil’s Debut Album “Can A Man Cry” dropped yesterday, June 26 and it perfectly fits the amazing weather here in the Netherlands. How better to spend time in the garden, than writing this article on such a great produced body of work while listening to the soothing voice of Jah Lil? I got to know his music (not to be confused with the rapper, nor the producer) in early 2017 after the release of his impressive “One Wrong One Right” and his music made me make sure to follow his musical journey. After seeing Jah Lil on tour with Duane Stephenson in 2019 and later watching his performance at Protoje’s memorable Lost in Time Festival the feeling of ‘keeping an eye on him’ only got solidified.

From the first notes of track 1, “Above Water,” to track 10, “Rebirth,” the album delivers an uplifting rootsy vibe. Earlier this year, Ah Lil released his collaboration with Sinky Beatz, track 3 on the album, called “Step by Step,” along with the visualizer for “Currency Called Time.” One of my favorite tracks, and the title track of the album, “Can A Man Cry,” is track 8 on the project. Once again, this is a well-produced album for Outdeh Records.

In my humble opinion, this album is perfectly crafted for listening in a calm and relaxed setting, while listening to the powerful lyrics. The songs, to me, feel less produced for a dance environment. However, I would like to suggest that you all keep an eye on Jah Lil and make sure to see him perform somewhere near you in the near future.

By Danny Creatah