Jimmy Cliff, Against Child Abuse | #GiveALittleLove

Sometimes, it really doesn’t take much, to bring about far reaching positive changes to our society; more so, if we approach it collectively. Many times, as little as a message of hope and inspiration could bring much relief and support to an issue, or someone in need. That is the premise on which the IReggaeNation #GiveALittleLove Project was born.

IReggaeNation, being among the global leaders in edifying and wholesome Reggae and lifestyle content, pooling our resources and reach together to inspire peace, hope, love, kindness, unity and forgiveness across this world, is among the very least that we could do. And for our very kind musicians, public figures and other celebrities, contributing an inspiring message is also a no brainer.

You too can contribute to this project. Simply post messages promoting peace, hope, love, kindness, unity and forgiveness on your social sites, and hastag #GiveALittleLove. Feel like doing a little more? Record a video message no longer than 1 1/2 minutes with your smart phone, upload it to a file sharing platform (Mediafire, Dropbox, Sendspace, etc), then email the link to igivealittlelove@gmail.com The most inspiring video message will be #GiveALittleLove branded, then published by us.

In these conflicted times, we can bring about much needed positive changes; collectively, we can. Please join IReggaeNation in this mission, #GiveALittleLove, and let #Love go viral.

Peace out!

Want to partner or support IReggaeNation in other ways? They welcome your ideas, simply send an email to igivealittlelove@gmail.com

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