Kingsley Wray – I’m on a Mission

Kingsley Wray is a singer and songwriter originally from Saint Ann, Jamaica. Kingsley attended Iona High School in Saint Mary where he started to sing and write songs. Every Friday evening he could be found singing on the ‘Cool One Sound System’ in Runaway Bay Saint Ann. After leaving Brown’s Town Community College he was encouraged by a friend, Marlene Edwards to join her hotel band. This was the start of his career as a resident singer in many hotels on the north coast of Jamaica.

He recorded his first song ‘ Love Struck’ with Tony Gregory in the nineties. Kingsley migrated to the UK in 2000 with his family. His musical journey has been transformed spiritually since his baptism and active membership at Rye Lane Chapel in Peckham. He worked with Lewis M and Paul Hussey on his first album ‘Chemistry’ . His second album entitled ‘Send down the rain’ was recorded on his own label KA1 Productions. 

His third album ‘Master And Friend’, produced by Calvin Smith, was released in 2016 and has been followed by many singles such as ‘Change the World’,’ One Day’, ‘Pot of Gold’, ‘Story of my people’, ‘My God’, ‘I’ll never deny Him’, ‘Fill me up’ and ‘Mind on it’. The latest release, produced by Michael Fletcher of Mega Bass Productions, based in Jamaica, is called ‘I’m on a mission’. Like ‘Mind on you’ this song was inspired by the life of his Father in Law Bert Cooper, and the words spoken over him at his funeral in May 2019 by the Rev Dr Burchell Taylor. He spoke about how Mr Cooper lived out his vision, mission, devotion and discipleship.  

Kingsley’s desire is to continue to glorify the name of God and his son Christ the Messiah through his music and spread the good news to all ends of the earth.