Lyricson’s New Album “Fearless” In Stores Now

French reggae star Lyricson release his fourth studio album “Fearless” last month much to the delight of fans.

Since the deejay made his debut a decade ago, he released three other albums including “Born to go High” “Keep the Faith” and one album last year titled “Messages”.

“I’ve been singing for more than 10 years now. But the thing is during all that time I never really had the chance to meet the right people nor was I too agressive commercially to make people around the world know I existed,” Lyricson told Urban Islandz.

Lyricson said he want to reach out and thank the many talented producers who came together to make the album a success.

“I usually work with my longtime friend and producer dj Ghost. He s a very talented youth and extremely cautious and focus at work. So we did work together again on this project but most of it was recorded at the studio of another producer called Redeyes for O-vnee music. I want to thank M McClure and Hayle of chimney records, M Julian Jones Griffith, of Alliance management, Dakta who is a French producer, Dj Foxx-T, Red eyes, dj Ghost, M Peppa aka “gangsta guerilla” and My getho princess Miss Diana rutherford. I want to thank them for their energy, overstanding, patience, and generosity. They all played a key role in the making of this project. Also thanks to M Pierre Bost (Gappy ranks management) and to M Williams ( of Vp records) for giving me a chance to reach new levels. I m very grateful and feel indebted to all of them for their participation.”

The “Get The Prize” hitmaker said he is planning to do a major world wide “Fearless Tour” to further push the album.

“We re having some serious discussions right now for a “Fearless Tour” and we re just praying that things will work out good so we can take it to the World,” he told Urban Islandz.


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