REVIEW: Mortimer – Fight The Fight

Once in a blue moon, it happens normally. But not in recent times, more and more talents rise up from the beautiful island of Jamaica. 2020 might be the year for Mortimer McPherson. Mortimer released his first project Message Music in 2014 via VP Records, produced by Jay Crazie Records. After meeting and collaborating with Protoje on “Protection”, the opening track to Protoje’s critically acclaimed third album Ancient Future, the world got to know Mortimer’s voice and music.

Mortimer continued with the song “Nice Up Di Scene” with producer Winta James, featuring on the Mile High Riddim, and as a second collaboration with Protoje with “Truths & Rights”, which was included on Protoje’s A Matter Of Time album.

This November Mortimer released his Fight The Fight EP on Easy Star Records under the License of James’ Overstand Records.

The first track on the EP is ‘Careful’, a deep track about friendship and the people that try to hurt you and let you down in life. “I-man been burned too many times. Imagine now weh it hurt when you trust dem till you blind. I a tell you the truth, people nuh nice. If a that you did a pree, betta you think that over twice”

Track two on the EP is “Lighting” a sweet slow song wherein Mortimer portraits his love for, apparently the love of his life. Gem for the ones in love. His soft and somehow raspy voice with high pitches really does a lot for this intimate track.

Straight on to track number 3 on the EP. “Misery” A somewhat more uptempo track, that seems to touch the issues and misery in our current world. The backbiting, the pretense, the lies, the cover-ups. The misleading, and how some humans play “God” and turn everything upside down. And for those who are innocent in this to be aware and stay strong.

Track number 4 the title track of the album “Fight The Fight”, one of our favorites on the EP. A positive and inspiring track that has the ability to be played by those that need a bit of upliftment in heavy times. “Jah give I the courage to fight the fight, I know they might try to conquer I” The backing vocals by Sherieta Lewis give the track some extra soul and power.

Style & Grace is track number 5 on the EP, a dreamy track, another love song wherein Mortimer sings to his Queen: “You are such a queen
In all your Majesty. With amazing style and grace. And a smile upon your face.”
Everyone In love could relate to a track like this.

The final track on the EP is “No Lies” wherein Mortimer asks his girl to not tell him any lies. Apparently a few things have happened that need some clearance and some questions have to be answered. A track about relational problems that again, a lot of people can relate to, This one is more a song with an R&B Feeling to it.

The conclusion for this EP can only be, A great EP from a real singer with skills. Personally I would like to hear more of his uptempo work like his “Ganja Train’ and “Nice up The Scene”. You have to like the, sometimes Lovey-Dovey, tracks but who doesn’t when in love? 🙂 We are looking forward to seeing him on Tour and perform the track as Mortimer did on the recent Rebel Salute festival in Jamaica.