Rising Reggae Star Kabaka Pyramid Heads to New York

As the fall season begins in New York City the airwaves have shifted to a more melodic, rebel piercing sound of music. The radio has taken a slight shift to a little more positive vibes and a vibe that people are finding more uplifting and empowering.

On Monday, November 18th New York will have the opportunity to meet, see and hear one of the forces responsible for this shift. ‘The Rebel’ ‘The Warrior with a Cause’ Kabaka Pyramid, live in an unplug, acoustic performance for the first time in New York.

For the past eight months, we have heard the accolades coming from the press and media and overseas fans,

“Next Big Sound”—- Billboard.com (May 2013)

“Fastest Accelerating Artist” — Billboard.com (May 2013)

“The result is an energetic offering full of Kingston-raised swagger, Rasta positivity and socially-conscious lyrics that would appeal to fans of both Buju Banton and Dead Prez.” — MTV Iggy. (July 2013)

“Stellar performance and message from the young warrior tonight, Kabaka Pyramid, I look forward to seeing him again real soon” (Fan after Rototom SunSplash)

Now, New York will have the opportunity to see and hear Kabaka Pyramid for themselves. On Monday, November 18th Kabaka Pyramid is set to perform LIVE with an acoustic accompaniment at the new, classy and trendy Milk River, 960 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Also on the line up is billboard reggae artist I-Wayne.

No stranger to performing in the US Kabaka Pyramid still realize that Brooklyn is a different vibe than the rest of the world.

“I’ve always looked forward to performing in NY especially Brooklyn, where so many artists who influence my music originated from. Most of all I feel that my lyrics will be appreciated o I plan to burn a hol’ heep a fire on the stage!!! November 18th will be a night to remember for all New Yorkers!” says Kabaka Pyramid.

Currently promoting his soon to be released (November 5th) EP Lead the Way, Kabaka Pyramid will be in New York and on the East Coast making press & media stops as well.

To purchase tickets for One Mic, the Artistic Movement on Monday November 18th

Click Here
Tickets: 15:00 ADV

Doors Open At: 7:00 pm

Showtime: 10:00 pm SHARP! SHARP!

Dress Code Enforced

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