The Memories Of Jah People

Today, 30 years ago the world lost one of the biggest musicians that ever lived: Robert Nesta Marley. We all have our own memories of Bob Marley, some of us met him, some saw him on stage, some saw him in other Circumstances and some maybe have other memories. Now People from all over the globe shared their memories and unusual stories. For this May 11th 2011 the website collected al these unusual stories and put them in an online photoalbum. The album doesnt only contain stories, but is also filled with great pictures and even some video footage.

WorldAReggae would like to thank Emmanuel Parata for making this great book and sharing it with us and the world in remembrance of Bob Marley.

If u like to pay your Respect too then might want to go to this Bob Marley Respectance Page.

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