"Touring a major boost to my career", says Warrior King

Reggae singer Warrior King has said that being engaged in extensive touring for the past few years has significantly boosted his career from being a new-comer to a recognized and mature artiste.

“It (touring) builds your fan base significantly. It helps to spread your music into new territories,” said Warrior King, who has an upcoming Australian tour with Luciano and Toots and the Maytals.

The very humble but confident singer recently completed a highly successful month long tour of Europe, which saw him doing shows across France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Sweden and Spain along side Turbulence and Biggaton. He is currently in the studios working as he prepares for his upcoming stint in Australia and he’s very optimistic about the success of the tour which begins on the 17th of April, as he will be surrounded by two musical icons.

“I’m an optimist and so I will always think and hope for the best. Furthermore, I’ll be going there with two icons, so that alone is an honour to me,” he said.

The conscious-minded messenger also said that he has seen an increase in all major departments of his career, but admitted that there’s still room for improvement. Meanwhile, the singer also revealed that he’s getting ready to release his second album ‘Tell Mi How Mi Sound’, which was produced by Colin ‘Bulby’ York and will be distributed by Tads Record label.

“I have an album coming out this June. It’s a 15-track album and fans can expect it to be very interesting album, which was well put together,” he said.

This project, according to him, will match, if not eclipse, the success of his breakthrough single Virtuous Woman, which made him one of the most talked-about artistes back in 2001

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