Vinyl IT releases first DUB compilation ‘DUB Alliance’

In collaboration with Jarring Effects, ODG Prod, Hammerbass, Sparky Riot and Yumani, the personalized vinyl record platform Vinyl it goes to next level and releases his first compilation pressed on vinyl record called « Dub Alliance ». 8 tracks with 6 that have never been released on vinyl record before. 500 copies will be available.

Dub Alliance tries to gather on the same vinyl record the best French dub producers of this 10 past years from well-known to more underground. It’s also in the Vinyl it mission: make available on vinyl record the best indie tracks.
Vinyl it combined the record labels of its network to offer a compilation with tunes for sound systems but also home listening.

Thus Jarring Effects comes with a track produced by Brain Damage meets Vibronics featuring Sir Jean. ODG Prod joins the project with three artists: Panda Dub, Mahom and a tune from melodica player Art-X featuring Ondubground. Hammerbass is here with Ackboo featuring Malone Rootikal and Fedayi Pacha’s oriental dub. Moreover, Vinyl it makes you discover Sparky Riot and Yumani.
To illustrate this alliance, Vinyl it invited the artist Kinglizard from Rude Boy or Nothing collective.

50 preorders are necessary to launch the record pressing

A Side – 33RPM
A1 – Fedayi Pacha feat Nassim Kouti – Sub Sahara (Hammerbass)
A2 – Brain Damage meets Vibronics – Do U remember? feat Sir Jean (Jarring Effects)
A3 – Mahom Dub – Bigvoods (Exclusive Version) (ODG Prod)
A4 – Yumani – Hippopotamus Dub (Unsigned)

B Side – 33 RPM
B1 – Ackboo feat Malone Rootikal – Ready For War (Hammerbass)
B2 – Panda Dub – Smile is the key (ODG Prod)
B3 – Art-X ft Ondubground – Dub That (ODG Prod)
B4 – Sparky Riot – Sound & Power ft Carlton Livingston (Unsigned)

Vinyl it is a platform which allows people to create their own vinyl record from a catalogue of tracks that have never been released on vinyl record before. Only unique vinyl records with unreleased material and sometimes good compilations.

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