World A Reggae has gone madd!! For the new Marley Movie we are giving away Marley Packs. One Pack contains 2 tickets to a cinema near you, the original soundtrack and something extra, but thats a surprise.

What do we want from you to make a chance to win one of the two packs? Well its kinda simple. Just send us an e-mail with the right answer to this question:

Which of Bobs sons is the Executive Producer of the Marley Documentairy. Watch it!! We need his real name!
Welke zoon van Bob is de Executive Producer van de Marley Documentaire? LET OP! We willen zijn echte naam!

Because of the fact that we are a modern organization, we want to ask you to “like” us on Facebook too. Doing this might increase your chance to win 🙂

Where can you see the Movie? Check the tour schedule out on:

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