Joggo releases new single ‘Private Performer’

From Soccer to Reggae

Surinam Dutch reggae singer Joggo will be releasing his new single ‘Private Performer’ on august 01. This song is the first single of his new EP which will be released end of September and contains collaborations with national and international reggae artists. 

Joggo is born in Amsterdam on October 29 1980 as Jurgen Orville Seedorf. Ever since he was a little boy he had a big passion for music and soccer just like his big brother Clarence Seedorf.
At the age of 10 he entered the Ajax Football Academy he stayed there until he was 17, then Joggo left Ajax to join Real Madrid in Spain, he stayed there for one year before he returned back to Holland to play for Dutch first division teams. Since 2011 he decided to stop playing football and to choose for his first love “music”.


After playing in a Suriname band for 5 years Joggo decided to go solo and to focus on the Music that had really stole his hart the ‘Reggae music’. That same year Joggo released a mix tape and dominated the reggae charts with his single Beware (Kingdom riddim) the song had a huge impact and had a # 2 position in the official German Reggae charts for weeks.

After that he released different singles on internationally known riddims from well known reggae producers. In 2011 Joggo released his album called Modern Rockers- Volume 1 (Dredda Records) which also was a big international success with even the single ‘Peace and Love’ as a headliner in the Hawaiian Reggae charts. Joggo has performed on the bigger festivals like Summerjam (Germany), Reggaejam (Germany), Future Reggae Ruigoord, Keti Koti Festival and ‘De Zwarte Cross’ (Holland). Besides that he has been the opening act for reggae pioneers like Ijahman Levi, Turbulence, Midnite and Stephen Marley.

The song ‘Private Performer’ is a wonderful Summer tune that will make you wish you were sitting in Jamaica with your toes in the sand. The music is from a Dutch reggae foundation called Black Star Foundation en has been written by international composers Tuff Lion (Virgin Islands) Osagyefo (Ghana) and Asher E (Holland). Joggo is responsible for the lyrics which he wrote by himself. This single is also the first single that Joggo will be releasing on his own label called Joggo Music Productions

During his interview with Lionface Radio the new tuned aired for the first time!

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