Khalilah Rose – Zion's Lullaby (Exclusive Review from WorldaReggae)

Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Groundation, Midnite, Dezarie just to name some of the spiritual singers/bands that brought an evolution to this gift we call “Music”. They brought an evolution troughout the music because they made learning a lot easier and much more fun then it is to learn from books. Music is inside of us from the moment that we were born and is running trough our veins just like blood.

Roots reggae is a part of our beautiful scene that has been evolving in a positive way by artists that for some are still unknown, for example Khalilah Rose.

Khalilah Rose won the award for Best Female Reggae artist last year and has now released her CD, Zion’s Lullaby, to the world. We will give you our view on her CD and as a bonus a temporarily free download.

Zion’s Lullaby is a 14 track cd where Khalilah wants to spread her knowledge and love to everyone around the world. Her point of view on life and her dedication to Rastafari that she transformed into words on beautiful peaceful but conscious riddims. We say riddims because although you might not notice, the riddim tells you the story and the words are added to make it understandable.

Lalibela Prelude:

Lalibela was the King of Etheopia in the late 12th and early 13th Century, now Lalibela is the second most holy city in Ethiopia. Khalilah started of the cd with this tribue to Lalibela because Rastafari belief that King Lalibela who was member of the Zagwe Dynasty was chosen to rebuild the “New Jerusalem”. A better intro to a cd which is named Zion’s Lullaby isn’t really possible. You might not even name this introduction a song but a beautiful beginning of a musical journey into the faith that is called Rastafari.

No Gunz:

Violence, since Abel was slain by his brother the world got known with murder. Nowdays people shoot eachother for the smallest things, which is hard to witness and even harder to accept that humans are capable of doing this. As a Rasta woman, Khalilah Rose takes a stand against violence with this song, “No More Gunz In The Streets, No More Children Dying”. When a female is asking, kindly asking to stop violence, what else can you do but stop? Khalilah has put all her energy, love and sadness in this song which you can sense troughout the way the words are being spoken and the energy that is behind it.

Hail H.I.M:

A true Rasta will, early or late in his or her career, have a song where praises are given to the most high. She is telling her story of how she was lost, not knowing what to do or where to go, then the moment she found him there was no moment in her life where she didn’t gave thanks and praises. “Everything I Do, Every Step I Persue I’ll Be Hailing Rastafari”. This is one of the most positive parts of the story that Khalilah is telling, a part where she reveals a bit of herself on a very sensitive way.

Weep Not:

Weep not, one of my favorite songs on the album. The way Khalilah sings here is the way I personally love, power, energy, justice and hope all together in 1 voice. The riddim is beautiful, it gets you into a certain vibe that you want to hold for quite a while. If you feel the same, please keep the song on repeat.

There is no need to have low hopes, Jah has an answer to any situation or moment in life. That is what she is saying using the line of King David as an example. The Road of King David doesn’t sleep. Babylon has poluted the world with a lot of things but there is like she is saying no need to hold your head down. If you keep having faith in the most high, all these problems like the economic crisis won’t be a reason to fall but it will help us destroy the evil that is on our earth.

Zion’s Lullaby Interlude:

A beautiful peaceful introduction to the second part of Khalila’s story, Zion’s Lullaby that is where she wants to be forever. The guitar in the background gives you such an incredible vibe that makes you dream away with her beautiful voice singing about her destination.

Unite & Be Strong(featuring Turbulence):

A problem in the world these days is that the society that we live in is scattered. Turbulence and Khalilah Rose combined their talents given by Jah to create a chapter in this story to tell us that we have to stand side by side, UNITE & BE STRONG. Uniting and being strong together will be the key to reach Zion as our destination, what we have to do if we are real with eachother. Turbulence and Khalilah are telling us that they can’t bare living in a Sodom and Gomorra minded society and that it is time for the next step!

Not Giving Up(Acoustic Version):

Living in a society where a slaverish mentality is being accepted, we must stand up for ourself and not give up. Khalilah isn’t giving up on life and by that not giving up on Jah. She is telling us that Jah has given us life and giving up on that is giving up on the most high. By the babilonian minded world mostly our hopes are being filled with silence, yet “I know Jah will comfort” are the words that Khalilah is giving us to hold on to that what we call hope!

Jah Is Living(featuring Lutan Fyah):

Do you notice how this is not a cd but a story? She was speaking to us about not giving up, yet now she has met Lutan Fyah with whom she combined talents and noticing that JAH is indeed living! Jah is living forever, singing this with a smile to her face, cause you can most definetly hear that! It is a song full of joy and by far the most happy and powerful song when it comes to bringing joy into your day or life. With a happy sunny riddim that brings the light into the room where you are playing the song, the journey continues…..


With a beautiful acapella song, Khalilah is is giving you some time to ease yoru mind and focus fully on her message. Her destination troughout using the Blackstarliner. Maybe this is the song that gives you the best idea of the whole story that Khalilah is telling us. I would advice you to just close your eyes and listen to her voice….

Your Eyes:

The look in someones eyes speaks more then a thousand words. Khalilah can look troughout your mind by looking into your eyes and so can we all. I find this a beautiful love song that can be understood in different ways. Yet, let’s focus on love. This is a very different but unique way of expressing your love for a person. Your Eyes is a story of the unknown feelings that every man and woman has but never is able to put into words.


You can be anything and everything as long as you try and believe in it. It is your live so you can do anything as long as your mindset and motives are correct. You shall be blessed on the way, trough the powers of Jah Almighty. “I rule my destiny”, she is a teacher cause that is on what she has put her mind on. By putting your mind on something and trying to not only go for it but to deserve it, it shall be given to you. Living like that, you can rule your destiny.

Never Fail:

A smile came to my face, hearing the Nyabinghi drums, it is one of my favorite rituals/instruments. The most high will never fail, perfection can’t fail because failing is not something that a person who is perfect can do. “Jah Jah Never Fail I”, it is not just a fact but also a mindset. What are your expectations, what are your believes and what do you want, these 3 things were answered in a correct way by Khalilah on her journey to Zion’s Lullaby and therefor a beautiful chapter called “Never Fail” was sang on this 14 chapter musical book.

Fake Up:

There are too many people these days that are fake, evil and that by far do NOT want the best for you. Stephen Marley sang about Fake friends, Khalilah Rose speaks about Fake Up. The lies that are being told and the wrong motives that people use will always be revealed, sooner or later that is. Staying real and speaking the truth is the only way to survive and to give thanks and praises to the most high. Don’t let the fake people get you down, but stay real and sooner or later as told they shall be REVEALED.

*bonus track Not Giving Up*:

See Not Giving Up

Zion’s Lullaby was a joy to listen, as I noticed right after I put it on it was a story and not a cd. I truelly respect artists like this and hope that this is the begin of a beautiful career of teachings and stories from Khalilah Rose.

Download the story Zion’s Lullaby by Khalilah Rose here for Free


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  1. great songs…very good artiste

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  2. LOVE IT OFF…. This is itiful empress..more love more life!!! REAL MUSIC with lyrics this babylonian world need…!

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