Agent Sasco (Assassin) drops ‘Theory of Reggaetivity’ on February 19, 2016

This February 19, Agent Sasco (Assassin) will release his brand new album ‘Theory of Reggaetivity on the Sound Age Entertainemt label.
The highly anticipated album will contain 14 tracks and wil be, without a doubt, one of the top albums this 2016. Pre-order this album now!

1 Theory of Reggaetivity
2 What Is Reggae (feat. AC, LC & JC)
3 Reggae Origin
4 Health and Wealth (Kingston Mix)
5 Lc Intro (feat. LC)
6 Feel Highrie
7 Mix Up
8 Crazy (feat. Elesia Limura)
9 Africa
10 J-O-B (Skit)
11 No Slave (feat. Chronixx)
12 Stronger
13 Day in Day Out
14 Country Bus