Aleigcia Scott releases debut album ‘Windrush Baby’ produced by Rory Stonelove

Welsh-Jamaican songstress and media personality, Aleighcia Scott, has unveiled her monumental debut album, “Windrush Baby,” which was meticulously produced by the legendary sound system and production maestro, RoryStoneLove. This labor of love has been in the works for over half a decade, resulting in “Windrush Baby,” a profoundly personal project that pays homage to the shared Jamaican-to-UK heritage of both Aleighcia and Rory. It embarks on a musical journey, traversing from the blues dances and shubeens of Cardiff and London to the contemporary era.

Comprising ten tracks, “Windrush Baby” seamlessly marries Aleighcia’s emotionally charged and uplifting vocals with vibrant, authentic reggae rhythms performed by some of Jamaica’s most accomplished musicians. The album’s title and striking cover art serve as poignant nods to the arrival of Caribbean culture in the United Kingdom, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Empire Windrush ship’s historic voyage.

After embarking on numerous journeys to Jamaica to collaborate with Rory and the island’s top-notch session musicians, Aleighcia’s album showcases the multifaceted aspects of her soulful and emotionally charged style of reggae. Aleighcia feels most in her element when singing about matters of the heart, evident in the defiant and subtly cutting “First Love,” the dreamy Studio One/Brook Benton reimagining in “Do You,” and her audacious venture into singjay territory with “Pretty Little Brown Thing.” Yet, she channels the same fervor into socially conscious themes, as seen in the groove-laden, jazzy rhythms of “Mr. Big Shot” and the buoyant Jamaican disco vibes reminiscent of Compass Point’s golden era in “Hey World.” She even artfully combines roots and lovers’ sentiments, following in the tradition of UK lover’s rock groups like Brown Sugar, as showcased in the wistful “Maybe” featuring drifting flutes and gentle trombone melodies.

Windrush Baby is out now on 1 September 2023 via Rorystonelove/Black Dub Music.

What was the Windrush?
The Windrush, often referred to as the Empire Windrush, was a pivotal passenger ship that arrived in the United Kingdom in 1948. It carried a significant group of Caribbean immigrants, primarily from Jamaica, to help rebuild post-war Britain. This voyage is emblematic of the larger Windrush Generation, which encompasses those who arrived in the UK from the Caribbean between 1948 and 1971. Their arrival marked a transformative moment in British history, contributing to the multicultural fabric of the nation and shaping the social, cultural, and political landscape for decades to come.