Black Roots – I Believe EP

A message full of “truth and right”

Here is another heavyweight remix EP from the mighty roots reggae band Black Roots hailing from St Paul’s Bristol. The song “I Believe”, originally released on ON THE GROUND (Sugar Shack Records – September 2012) is lifted from this album and given a new edge and sharpness on these 4 mixes. It is a seminal song, one of the most popular of the album so this was a strong motivation to go back into the studio to create and put some different versions out on release. Its lyrics are strong and powerful. They draw on personal experience.

Black Roots sing that “life in the system is not easy because it doesn’t cater for I and I but if you believe in the higher power you can still hold your head up high”. Isn’t that the truth! In spite of the fact that the “system” has discriminated against you, that life for you is hard and difficult, that you are powerless and disenfranchised you can still find that inner strength and belief in the higher power to show you the way to transcend this pressure, believe in yourself and live positive.

Jah Garvey and Buggsy, 2 mcs based in St Paul’s Bristol, join Black Roots in the lyrical mix, to add another layer of reasoning to the underlying message of this song. Jah Garvey too is a roots artist inspired by his exposure to the plight of people that he encounters on his daily journeys and feels that he must support their lives through his music encouraging happiness, enlightenment, personal growth and development. He features on 3 of the mixes and Buggsy who describes himself as the fast spitting Rasta mc from St Paul’s Bristol, boasting a flow like an automatic weapon features on 1 mix. He describes himself as a soldier in Jah Army joining up with the ‘old skool’ to help to deliver a message full of “truth and right” and shows his respect for Black Roots in the lyrics that he chats.