Blind Reverendo presents ‘Searching The Waves’

Searching The Waves is the new album by Blind Reverendo, an Italian artist and composer based in Barcelona who moves between reggae and dancehall as easily as a surfboard moves among the waves. Since he lost his sight at the age of 8, Mario Rivoiro has exploited the possibilities that life offers him, getting up after every fall, chasing new waves to ride during his continuous travels and multiple projects, ranging from music to surfing. This is another step on his journey.

The album addresses social issues via a mix of musical styles ranging from reggae to raggamuffin to dub. It also includes collaborations, all with close friends who share his way of thinking and approach to life, such as Gloria Bianco, Luca Dammicco, DJ Ardy and Las Chachas Tropical.

Searching The Waves is available on all digital platforms and includes the title track, released as a single last July. It was recorded and mixed at his own recording studio, Grammophonia and is distributed by the Italian label Redgoldgreen.