Buju Banton releases highly anticipated UPSIDE DOWN 2020 Album

Never before (as for as we know) has an artist made it so easy to do an album review for a new album. But again the Gargamel set the new standard in (reggae) entertainment to go live on Youtube with a 35-minute Listening Party telling some stories behind his 20 track new album called UPSIDE DOWN 2020. His first album in 10 years. Earlier this month the press also got the same kind of listening session, and to be honest, also then, Buju aka Mark Myrie left us in awe because of the high-quality production on the album. Whether you like or dislike Buju’s Music, the high standard of production oozes off of the album. Plus there is at least one track on the album that you like or relate to.

Probably more listening sessions from other artists will follow now we think (or hope), In this day and age, Youtube, or the internet is a great platform for artists to reason with their fanbase about their music, their songs, their babies. This is also why we said earlier that we embrace listening parties like this. There is no room for another interpretation of a song, then the one the artist meant to give it. Why should an album be reviewed, who are we to judge an artists’ creativity and output. This is up to the listeners, the fans. On this album there surely is a track that everyone for him/herself can relate to. Whether it is through the lyrics or musical style, roots, dancehall, ska, Hip-hop, Buju stayed true to his roots. Or, as Buju answered World A Reggae in an earlier session “Inspiration is everywhere, you have to appreciate other people’s works”.

For us, there are some tracks that stand out, for example, the opening track of UPSIDE DOWN 2020 “Lamb Of God” this was also the track where Buju started his Long Way to Freedom Concert with at the National Stadium in Kingston in 2019. So this brought back some good memories. Also, the track Buried Alive gives us that good good belly feeling and gives us goosebumps. As we understood it right this song is about his 10 years being away. Also to the last four tracks we resonate very well: 400 years in Babylon, Rising Up, Helping Hand and Unity.

Fulljoy the album and let us know which song you relate to. We want to congratulate Buju Banton on this great Body of Work.

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