Essae JV releases Friendly Ghost EP

Up-and-coming Jamaican artiste, Essae JV, gifted fans an early Christmas present with the release of his EP, Friendly Ghost, on December 18th, 2020 

The six-track project which peaked at number five on the Reggae iTunes charts was executively produced by Fast Nation Music. However, the EP, released through OnePRM features other production labels including Young Boss Production, Ghetto Life Records, Boxy Records and Bull Puss Entertainment

 “I expected the EP to do well; a lot of time was invested in composing the songs. It is therefore very rewarding to see that the EP has essentially helped me to break down barriers. I have gained new fans from all over the world including Sweden, Canada and England. I have even had a few disc jockeys reaching out the discuss the possibility of producing dubs for them,” Essae JV, whose birth name is Graig Douglas said. 

Essae JV

The Hustle Hard singer said that the compilation of reality-inspired songs, including Fulfilling, Victory, Wages and Imperfection was directly influenced by the feedback from fans following the release of his first EP, Dream, in May of 2020. 

He said that at least one accompanying visual for the tracks is now available to fans online for viewing. 

There’s a video for the third track; it is already in rotation, that track is Victory. The video for the fourth track was already shot by LiveFast Jamaica and will be released shortly. The video for the title track, Friendly Ghost will be done was done recently and will be available to fans shortly,” Essae Jv said. 

From the looks of things,  it appears that  2021 will be a very prolific year for the artiste who on the cusp of the New Year was busying himself with several new opportunities he says are on the horizon. 

“Over the past month my teams and l have been focused on promoting the two EPS, however, I have plans to work on a number of different projects, some I have already started to work on. If I were to choose one that I am most excited to further explore, it would definitely be the anticipated release of a track on which I collaborated with an artiste from Uganda,” Essae JV shared.

For now, though, you can enjoy the digital version of Friendly Ghost which is available for purchase on streaming platforms, Amazon and iTunes. To learn more about Essae JV check him out on all major Social Media Platforms at IamEssaeJV.