Hector ‘Roots’ Lewis releases D’Rootsman EP

Hector ‘Roots’ Lewis formerly known as the Rootspercussionist lives up to his name with his latest body of work, his first solo EP called ‘D’Rootsman’. A compilation of 5 tracks with some fantastic recognizable “Hector” tracks. Earlier this year in April he released the loversrock track “Let’s Groove‘ and in October Hector released track 4 on the album; “Nah Betta Than Yad“. Also added to this EP is the December 2021 released ‘Ups And Downs“.

This leaves us with two brand new tracks, the rootsy opening track “King Said” and ‘Good Connection” a lovey-dovey R&B-ish track. Make sure to check out this great EP and add it to your Playlists or collection.