Hu’manuwah releases The Awakening Volume 1 EP

Hu’manuwah releases The Awakening Volume 1 EP

Spiritual messenger Hu’manuwah has decided to make his EP, “The Awakening Volume 1,” available for free download. The project, which was initially released a few years ago, features eight very powerful songs centered on spiritual growth and mind mastery. Though the record is being released on his own Soul Journey Universal Records label, several producers contributed their musical skills to the project.

“The Awakening Volume 1” track listing is as follows: Earth Is A School, Grow Spiritually, Human Indoctrination, Indomitable Spirit, It’s Within, Mankind Must Evolve, Rough Road and You Are Greater.

The EP is available for free download here

About Hu’manuwah

Hu’manuwah is born Prince-Emmanuel Alexander Smith and grew up in Water House,Kingston 11, Jamaica.