I-Taweh’s “Musically Speaking” Celebrates Roots, Rhythm, and great songwriting

Let’s be honest, when thinking about reggae Music, the name I-Taweh probably isn’t the first name to spring to mind… But I would like to change that for you. Reggae maestro I-Taweh (Raised in Prickly Pole, St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica) is preparing to release the successor to his albums Overload (2011), Judgment (2017), and Reload (2021) which have been well-received by reggae fans and critics alike.

“Musically Speaking” marks I-Taweh’s fourth solo album, a product of his reflective journey during the early days of the pandemic. Over four transformative years on his farm, I-Taweh crafted an album that showcases his versatility and deep musicality. Collaborating with renowned Jamaican artists such as “Beezy” Coleman, Courtney “Bam” Deidrick, and Dean Fraser, the self-produced (on his Tap Nat Muzik Label) album has become a testament to his growth as a multi-faceted artist.

Tracks like “Long Road Home,” enriched by the soulful harmonica of Mermans Mosengo, and “The Capital,” with its detailed rhythms, reflect the album’s diverse moods… one of my favorites. A Tribute to Mendo(cino)- and Humboldt County in California, the capitol of Ganja in the USA. “Man Feel It” is a rootsy track that instantly feels like a warm blanket, taking me back to the old days. Pairing this song with Humboldt County’s green product makes for a perfect combination. Yes, I felt it!

I-Taweh dropped the first video from the album, “Musically Speaking” earlier this month. The soulful love song “Sweet Caroline” quickly gained traction, with its accompanying video already attracting a significant number of views. Also featured on the album is his 2022 release, CopyCat, a track that addresses the copy culture in music.

When World A Reggae asked the singer about his feelings on the new album I-Taweh answered: “I’m feeling very positive about this body of work, I chose to stick with this family of songs because they are truly brothers and sisters. They were recorded the same day, except for ‘Can you Feel It’ and ‘Copy Cat’. These songs are coming from my experience over the years making music. Musically Speaking, I’ve been always thinking about communication with us musicians. Wherever we are in the world, the language is truly the same. No matter what culture or genre we embrace. The language of music stands predominant, and I’m sure the listeners will feel what I’m trying to get across.”

As always, I am not the type that tells you what to like or not like an on an album but with this one you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

Don’t miss out on I-Taweh’s “Musically Speaking” – a true celebration of roots reggae and an artist’s journey through sound Out on June 28th, 2024. It also will become available on vinyl for vinyl lovers.

By Danny Creatah